This is fast and crazy world we live in.  The wheel keeps spinning and life happens even while we standing still. We have to be agile, focused, and competent, yet human, humble and honourable at the same time. Characters of organisations are made up through the sum of its people. “Building successful organisations comes from building successful people.” No matter our differences, we all have some things in common, the need to be heard, the need to make a difference, the need to learn and the need to feel empowered.

Mentorship comes in many forms, in day to day living experiences, through observing, the lessons of others, through the challenges we face in the line of duty, through the people we interact with,  the tough lessons we endure and the many mistakes we make.  They show us what we are really capable of and they mould us into more than we are and more than we ever think is possible to achieve. There are no limits to our mind or our capabilities. There are endless depts to knowledge reservoirs, great opportunities,  vastness of understanding and sophisticated complexity in this great “PEOPLE UNIVERSE”. 

Each person who has touched my life over the years have left lasting imprints and lessons along the way. For that I am and will remain eternally grateful . It takes great insight, maturity and individual leadership to share your knowledge in the hope that we can collectively make this an amazing world to live and work in.

“People Matters” is a blog that focuses on the value that people bring to any organisation and to our lives as a whole. Every one of us has a need to belong, to contribute and to rise above our own fears and expectations. What differentiates us, what gives us value and what makes us stand out in a crowd, is not our ability to be different, but our ability to be courageous, yet respectful,  successful, yet  humble. We cannot divide our lives into work and home, the two are inseparably entangled.

“To be successful at what I do, I must be successful at who I am.” Nimee Dhuloo

This blog intends to reach out to every individual at a personal and professional level, who is ready to share their knowledge, to shape their destiny, to direct their effort and energy into shaping, moulding and building the lives of others. It emphasises that it is people who bring character to life and spirit to an organisation…..above all, its people who matter….not things!